Norway from top to toe

Cycling the Norwegian coast from Nordkapp to Lindesnes
3189 km from July 25 to August 21.

We believe in the extra mile. That some things are worth pedaling extra for.

Under the Trade for Hope umbrella, Kitch'n Foundation and Others, together with many good friends, have a burning desire to contribute to bettering lives of the disadvantaged. Our main goal is to create employment for those who struggle because of poverty, social challenges, trafficking or prostitution. Currently 1,600 people in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya and Moldova are employed through Others.

In order to give more people the opportunity for a better life, we challenge you to support our bike-a-thon. When purchasing, donating, using social media, or pedaling a mile with us – you are providing strong tailwind! Welcome to the Trade for Hope team.

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Others is The Salvation Army's initiative for trade that promotes hope. Behind each of OTHERS' products, there is a unique story - a story of dignity, independence, and hope. Our producers are recruited through The Salvation Army's community development programs, social work and other community engagement. When we present our products, we will always strive to communicate to the buyer where and under which conditions the product was made, and the goals that we have for the production.

Our product range includes interior design, kitchen, textile and paper items, in addition to seasonal products. All items are hand-made or include elements of craftsmanship. At the moment products are made in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kenya, and Moldova. Outside the producer countries themselves, products are primarily sold in Norway, Denmark and the United States.

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